Things to Consider When Choosing a Lawyer

The type of legal matter will determine what sort of lawyer you’ll need. However, there are many other aspects to take into consideration when choosing a lawyer. Finding the right legal counsel is important so it’s necessary to do research and ensure that it’s a good fit.

Here are a few factors to consider when choosing a lawyer.


The reputation of a firm is something to pay attention to. A good firm will uphold a reputation for honesty not only among clients, but also its peers. It’s also important that the firm has strong drafting skills. Do your research and look for references so that you have an idea of the firm’s integrity.


It’s important to consider the experience of your representation. Not only should you consider the number of years that a lawyer or firm has been in practice, but also whether or not they have any reported decisions. While it’s important to settle when it makes sense, it’s necessary to prepare for trial when things can’t be settled outside of court. If your case ends up going to court you’ll want to feel confident in the abilities of your lawyers during a trial.


If you are an Australian who is facing legal action from somewhere outside of the country you’ll want to know whether or not the firm has any experience partnering with international, regional, or national firms. Furthermore, if they do have experience find out if the outcomes were successful in those cases. If a lawyer is going to be dealing with laws and lawyers from different countries then make sure that your case won’t be there first time getting that experience.


Ask the firm to see a Case Study or Practice Area summaries so that you can see examples of their work. It’s not enough to seek a good lawyer, find a great one. The track record of the firm you choose should have fantastic results.


Make sure that the lawyer or firm understands your financial budget and will settle on a number that works for both of you. Avoid lawyers that make you believe that they’re looking to make a quick buck or aren’t being practical on how they are approaching your case.


Value can go hand in hand with practicality. Make sure that you know what you will be expected to pay for the legal services. Develop a clear understanding of the contract and if you are paying on contingency then know the percentage that you’ll expect whether or case goes to court or settles.

Sometimes it can be difficult to draw a line between personal and business legal interests. That makes it all the more important to have a lawyer with the right experience and confidence to use their abilities to work towards getting you the results you need. It is extremely important to understand the legal position that you are in when choosing a lawyer to represent you.