Glenn Duker

Glenn Duker is founder and principal of PCL Lawyers, a firm providing top-notch legal advice to clients in a variety of practice areas. Glenn himself has cultivated expertise in many different aspects of law since he entered the field in 1995, and he created this blog to discuss one in particular: business law.


Glenn has broad experience in commercial advice to business clients. His vast experience in business law has made him the professional of choice for countless individuals or companies who need to discuss the ins and outs of managing a business. He has end-to-end knowledge of business legal matters, from commercial leasing (which determines the business’ premises) to business sale and purchase (which ensures a smooth transition to a new owner).

At the same time, as someone who has been his own boss since the age of 25, Glenn has distilled crucial lessons from his own history in entrepreneurship. Prior to PCL Lawyers he founded organizations including his own private practice, Duker and Associates, Total Conveyancing (an adjunct to the legal practice) and Settle It Legal. He brings a personal touch to the insights shared on this blog, while remaining within the strict legal framework that must remain in place for any up-and-coming business.

“Going into business, it is important to have well drafted agreements in place. Too many businesses don’t value good legal advice enough upfront. Great agreements will prevent or minimise problems later as a general rule.” -Glenn Duker

Over the years, Glenn has learned the importance of developing an eye for detail, being organised and having great systems to train lawyers quickly. His goal is to create a workplace where lawyers and other staff can thrive by being compensated well, enjoying challenging work but still having a healthy work life balance. As both a principal and Special Counsel in business law, he helps his clients make this a reality in their own workplaces too.


In addition to being a seasoned property/commercial lawyer, Glenn Duker is a real estate developer. He has previously undertaken development or renovation projects for prestige homes, apartments, individual homes and small townhouse subdivisions. His firsthand in experience in the real estate world has only strengthened his career as a property law expert.
Keep up with this blog for Glenn Duker’s many insights into business law. For more, head over to his general overview website or his litigation blog!

Glenn Duker

Glenn Duker