Glenn Duker

Glenn Duker has been a lawyer since 1995 and is based in Melbourne, Australia. He founded a private practice called Duker and Associates and from 1995 to 2003 he handled a range of commercial, property, business acquisition and leasing matters while heading the firm. This gave him a strong skillset in the field and he became a well-recognised commercial litigator, property advisor and dispute resolution lawyer in Melbourne. He then moved to Brisbane for 6 years where he established Settle It Legal which practised primarily in commercial law, conveyancing, and commercial leasing. He returned to Melbourne in 2008 where he joined the staff at MW Law as Special Counsel in property and commercial law.


This has given him incredibly strong experience in many areas of business law. Glenn Duker, solicitor and lawyer, has the qualifications and expertise to handle a wide range of business legal matters. Glenn provides legal advice to individuals and businesses in the following areas:


Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation is more specifically focussed than general business law and covers any type of legal dispute relating to business conflicts. This can include matters such as breach of contract, shareholder issues, breach of fiduciary duty and more.


Comercial Leasing

Commercial leasing involves leasing arrangements for commercial premises which can often be more complex than residential leases. It’s a very technical area and it’s essential to engage a lawyer with a focus on business law to review the lease for you before you sign it. Glenn Duker has the expertise to guarantee you peace of mind when you’re considering such a contract.


Business Sale and Purchase

Business sale and purchase is a very detailed transaction that must be carefully handled from start to finish. The correct legal advice and service can maximise the business value and minimise problems during the sale process. Glenn Duker, solicitor and lawyer, can help you with every aspect of the business sale from the relevant aspects of employment law to reviewing lease contracts.


Wills and Estates

Wills and estates are essential legal documents to execute the distribution of your assets upon death. With Glenn Duker Lawyer, lawyer, you can be assured that these essential documents will be written with the ultimate in diligence and care.


Commercial Conveyancing

Commercial conveyancing is the process of transferring ownership of a commercial property. This is another procedure that must be done with great attention to detail to prevent serious problems to the buyer once the purchase is complete.


Glenn Duker, solicitor and lawyer, brings his years of experience as both a principal and Special Counsel in property and commercial law to all his legal work. You can trust that any work he undertakes for your business and commercial interests will be performed with the same care and thoroughness he has displayed throughout his years of legal service.


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Glenn Duker

Glenn Duker